Race for Kids - Registration


What are the requirements to register for the event?
In order to participate, you should build a team of four with all team members at least 18 years of age. 
How do you register for the event?
Your team can register for the event on the Capital One Race for Kids™ website under Get Involved. When registering your team, you will be asked to select your city.
Once you register your team, can you change your team members if necessary?
Yes, once the team captain registers the team, he/she will be given a login and details. The team members can be changed up until the race date.
What if, by the day of the race, our team has less than fourmembers?
The Checkpoint activities are recommended for a team of four, but your team can still participate in the race. However, only a complete team of four members will be eligible to win prizes.
How much does participating in the race cost?
Participants will pay a registration fee between $10 and $25 (depending on the city). There is also a team fundraising minimum amount of $360 - $500 to take part in the race (depending on the city).
I can no longer participate. Can the registration fee be refunded?
A full refund of the registration fee will be provided up to 30 days prior to the event. No refunds will be offered within 30 days of the event. None of the fundraised dollars can be refunded.
What if my team is unable to meet its minimum fundraising goal of $360?
You will be allowed to participate in the race, but will be ineligible to win a prize. Funds can be raised up until 24 hours prior to the start time on Race Day.
What do I get for registering?

Upon registering for the Capital One Race for Kids™, you will receive the following:

  • Capital One Race for Kids™ drawstring bag, numbered bibs, 1 race sheet and map
  • Access to the Capital One Race for Kids™ Celebration
  • This priceless experience of a lifetime with memories to share for years to come